Prices are for single jobs. We offer discounts for multiple jobs and/or repairs during the same trip!


Water Heaters

  • Install customer supplied water heater- includes ball valve & supply lines — $395.00
  • Install new 40gal gas water heater (includes haul away of old tank) — $1,120.00
    Comes with 6yr tank & parts warranty and includes 1yr in home labor warranty
  • Install new 40gal gas water heater with basic code requirements — $1470.00
    (venting may be additional, garage or in house install, does not include attic)

We have other options available for “instant-hot” hot water on demand. Tankless water heaters- never run out of hot water or “Energy Star” water heaters that qualify for rebates from utility company.

Faucet Installs

  • Install customer supplied kitchen faucet (standard) — $125.00
  • Install customer supplied kitchen faucet (individual mount) — $155.00
  • Delta kitchen faucet single handle w/ spray — $309.00
  • Delta Tub & Shower Faucet installed — $459.35

Drain Cleaning

  • Clean main line (with clean out access in yard up to 60ft.) — $165.00
  • Additional bail of cable up to 60ft. — $30.00
  • Kitchen stoppage through outside clean out — $125.00
  • Roof stoppage for lav/ kitchen/ laundry — $165.00

Toilet Installs

  • 2 piece round toilet installed (1yr warranty) — $314.79
  • Comfort Height Elongated toilet installed (1yr warranty) — $412.35
  • Install customer supplied toilet (includes haul away of old toilet) — $155.40

All prices are for normal installation and repair. Due to some circumstances where there might be old or deteriorated plumbing fixtures, piping or appurtenances, additional charges may apply. For additional pricing or estimates please call 405-408-4676.